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Packer Chapter

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Things you need to know

About Us

In 1976 a group of beer can collectors from the Green Bay, Wisconsin area started a Chapter of the BCCA that became the Packer Chapter. The Packer Chapter is still based from Green Bay, Wisconson and is a local chapter of the BCCA. The BCCA is the Brewery Collectibles Club of America (formerly known as Beer Can Collectors of America). The chapter promotes trading of beer cans and breweriana. We also like to generate an atmosphere to allow conversations and learning about beer cans and breweriana with people who share the same interests.

In 2010 the Packer Chapter became a local chapter of NABA. The National Association Breweriana Advertising (NABA) is America’s first National breweriana collectibles organization dedicated to the preservation and study of American brewery advertising. Founded in 1972, NABA is an organization with membership in virtually every state and many foreign countries.

In 2019 the Packer Chapter became a local chapter of ABA.

Beer can collecting probably started in 1935 when Krueger Brewing Company first introduced beer in cans. Even before 1935 there was other breweriana to be collected. The Can collecting craze of the '70s introduced many people to the hobby.

Today there is a wealth of different breweriana to be collected, although my favorite is still the can.


Officers & Advisers

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Dan Hable

BCCA # 472 | NABA

Dennis Kleczka

Vice President
BCCA # 6048

Jerry Strebel

BCCA # 913

Ken Treml

BCCA # 4934

Rob Smits

BCCA # 29497

Mike Dahms

BCCA # 30883

Pete Vann

BCCA # 1134

Brian Zenefski

BCCA # 34375 | NABA

Mark Krull

BCCA # 32851

Bill Rudahl

BCCA # 10794 | NABA

Dave Schultz

BCCA # 8920 | NABA

Brent Zimmerman

BCCA # 31614 | NABA

Pat Porter


David Akin

BCCA # 29497 | NABA

What is


Breweriana is anything that has to do with the beer making industry and advertising. In other words beer cans, coasters, advertising, signs, bottles, bottle caps, labels...and the list goes on and on. If it has beer on it, had beer in it, or in some way was involved with beer, then it's breweriana and odds are someone in our club collects it.

Join Us


BCCA, ABA and/or NABA Members

If you are a member of the BCCA, ABA or NABA you will receive a discounted member rate.

Associate Members

Non-BCCA, non-ABA or non-NABA members are called Associate members. Associate members can enjoy all the benefits of our chapter and attend our Breweriana shows. There are BCCA, ABA and NABA events that an Associate member may not have the ability to attend.

Chapter Dues

Chapter dues are:
$5.00 for BCCA, ABA or NABA members
and $7.00 for Associate (non-BCCA, non-ABA or non-NABA) members

New membership or renewals contact:

Jerry Strebel BCCA # 913
1014 Marshall Street
Green Bay, WI 54303

Make your Check payable to the Packer Chapter

Respect the can

Titeletown Trade-A-Thon
TAT is the place to be in April

Zip ~ Tip ~ Sip

Packnic is a fun outdoor show in August