It was rainy and a little cold...but all who attended...
Ken Treml behind the registration desk (a.k.a. outside...
Raffle prizes
Raffle Neon
Raffle Neon - does it really count as a neon if the tube...
Raffle prizes
Raffle prizes
Ken Treml next to the "Basket" special raffle prize
First train of the day - it's a small one.
Train #1 leaving
Getting setup...
Dave Schultz & "Super" Mike Dahms
You would think it was WINTER! OK, it was pretty cold...
Bill picked up a nice Oconto sign
Oconto Sign - don't see many of those
Super Mike is going to rub the Kings can (very nice Kings...
People are still coming in
Joe Kreuser with Ken Treml
Booyah - for you non Wisconsinites think of it as a large...
Outside looking in
Nice Cans
Second train of the day
We are close to the tracks
Pete working hard in the rain
More Breweriana
Bad weather but a great show
We even had cake! Thanks Linda.
Noon O Clock - Pete's booyah is ready and everyone races...
Me taking a picture of Ken taking a picture of Me
Jerry Strebel drinking in stereo
The raffle gets under way
Ken holds the prize and Rob Smits calls the numbers
The raffle goes on
Luke Smits again!?! That kid always wins.
Trading continues during the raffle
Coolest thing at Packnic - the TAPSTER
Put a flat top can inside...
Close the lid and that pointy opener puts a gash in the...
Then you pour the beer out of the spout into your frosty...
Bottom of the TAPSTER
Raining outside so I took some inside pictures of...
Nice local Breweriana on the walls
Bar with brewing equipment behind the window.
After the show we sucked up some heat (and suds) inside
Titletown was one of Green Bay's train depots years ago
Rail photos and painting - lots of local history on the...
Parting shot of the bar as I left for home

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